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Football Coupon Tips will regularly give you news on the teams that we will select on our Football Coupon. Over the years we have won a fair amount of money when betting and im going to share my tips with you on this website. There is no secret and we dont claim to be able to make you thousands of pounds on Football Betting Tips. We normally start out by studying the Football Coupons and seeing what the prices are first and foremost. Normally when betting we pick out single bets and place a decent figure of money on the team and slowley build up our profits.

Sometimes however we do have a small amount on a football coupon just to keep an interest but very rarely do we bet on anything more than a double with any substantial amount of money.

We only bet on Football Coupons and will post regular updates on the lastest Tips section giving you my tips on the coupons that we put on, we are also on twitter passing on these tips to anyone who is interested. We are not sure if there is any interest in Football Betting Tips however over the past 12 months we have made a lot more money than we have lost with the way we work out our betting.

Betting can be very addictive however we only bet what we can afford, putting in a figure every month and hope to slowly build up our profits.

We study the football coupons in advance, then i look at things such as the teams performance, league positions, and squad selection and then choose the bet that we feel appropriate.

This site is just starting out if you want to see any additional features on this website or have any other suggestions you can fill out our contact form or follow us on twitter where we are happy to interact with people who would like our opinions on any Football Bets and we are always looking for other peoples opinions too.